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We plant eucalyptus and

we harvest cachaça.


It all started, more than 20 years ago, in a small town called Liberdade, which is at the top of Serra da Mantiqueira. The idea was to have a reserve of reforestation eucalyptus trees to supply various markets. Everything was studied and carefully planned. The seedlings were planted and the next step was to wait until the right point of cutting.


The problem is that eucalyptus takes years to grow and in the meantime, the cold climate and cozy atmosphere have made the farm a meeting point for countless friends. Now answer: What do friends do on a farm with cold weather?  drink.


Neighboring farms began to request firewood for the production of cachaça in the stills and from time to time, generous courtesies came. To bypass the employees' headquarters and make the cachaça reach its destination, whiskey bottles identified only with the W! Every time a visitor asked for a good cachaça, someone would say: “take the one with the W! ”


But something was missing. We decided to do it our way.


After thousands of tastings and plenty of time, we reached up to 10 years of aging in special wood barrels, while we dedicated ourselves to the alchemy of the blends. Thus, we managed to achieve the unique flavor, full-bodied and soft, especially produced to be enjoyed in glasses.


Today, the farm produces reforestation wood, cachaça and, with the planting of hundreds of olive trees, we will produce olive oil in the future. But that is a subject for another dose. Health!

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